I just love Karen Homann, she did a great job in getting all the knots and kinks out of my back!

Tina R.

Yea! Finally I have had the chance to exerience Karen Homann with her massage techniques! I am feeling very relaxed! It was a nice ‘get away’ experience! I went to her house which is out in the country and felt like a ‘mini vacation’ from life. Thanks Karen!

Karen worked though my tension, asked where I would like to focus, and adjusted the pressure according to my preference. With her skilled technique, I left refreshed and renewed. Thanks!

Great massage, very relaxing . Being in town for a sporting event, this massage was just what I needed, and will definitely be back ! For others travelling through the area, I would highly recommend!


It was probably the best massage I have ever had and I plan on going back as much as possible. She is very talented and I can’t say enough good stuff about her. I am trying some other things she has to offer since if she does this good with a massage, what else does she have to offer. I want to find out.


Excellent massage with nice atmosphere. Good pressure and plenty of time to get full effect of massage. Very pleasant therapist and felt at ease with her.

Debbie A

Cedar Valley Massage offers a variety of treatment options. The raindrop therapy experience is very calming, and the therapist’s techniques were soothing and relaxing. For those who enjoy the combination of relaxing massage and aromatic oils, this is just the thing!


I work in Social Services at Parkview Nursing and Rehab Center in Waterloo, Iowa. While Karen Homann was still in training, she volunteered her time to come to our facility and give massages to many of our residents. We provided a room for Karen use to set up her equipment. We provided her with a pre-approved list of approximately five to ten residents each time she came. Some of these residents have arthritis or painful contrations in their muscles. Karen then took the residents individually in to her room. She then performed head/neck/arm/back massages on the residents. The reviews were great! Karen played soothing music during the massages, and the residents came out of the massages feeling relaxed , rejuvenated, and able to move their painful joints a little better. In addition many of the residents requested she come back again! Thank you, Karen, for your kindness and compassion toward our residents, and for making a day in their lives relaxing and enjoyable.

I also have had Karen give me, personally, several massages. She performed the massages in a room in her home that she has redecorated and set up specifically to do her massages. Karen was very professional, and i felt very relaxed afterwards. Karen targeted several muscles groups that I occaisionally have tension in, and after the massages the tight areas were loosened up and feeling much better.


Karen has created a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in her home. She practices and educates in a variety of types of massage. She’s open to accommodating the type of massage that the customer is interested in.


Karen offered a comprehensive massage which left me completely relaxed. She is a caring, knowledgeable, and conscientious practitioner.


I have never written a testimonial, nor do I believe most of them I read, especially those with silly before and after photos.

The first time I saw Karen was because I felt I needed a ‘lift.’ or a ‘boost.’ Just because. I had lots of sore muscles and wasn’t feeling good about anything. I have had treatments in various parts of the world and they have always felt good—it’s good to feel cared for and pampered.

Now, this probably will sound like one of those unbelievable testimonials that we all have seen. I had sore muscles again & saw Karen. I also mentioned that I had had a sore spot on my back for years that I couldn’t reach and nothing seemed to help. (I did not tell her that I also was unable to lift one arm because the shoulder hurt too. I thought my problem was the shoulder wearing out due to my continuing maturing that might need surgical intervention.)

Karen found just the spot on my back! When she was finished with me, I felt like a new woman! The spot on my back did not hurt. And I was able to move my shoulder again without pain.

I cancelled my orthopedic consultation. This happened about a year ago. I have been without any of those symptoms ever since. I’m in my 60s and can’t remember an extended period in my life where I felt so good.

Another thing I really found to be theraputic is that the enviornment around her table. It puts me into a unearthly wonderful place. All the senses are floating along with my body. That place is a peaceful, healing place.

Thanks, Karen

Following my evening appointment I had the best night sleep I had in years! Looking forward to my next massage with Karen for sure!